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A selection of Bandai Star Wars model kits!

️New at Hakubundo at Pearlridge Center️Our Pearlridge Center location now has a selection of Bandai Star Wars model kits!The TIE Advanced X1, TIE Striker, A-Wing Interceptor, and Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Starfighter model kits are in 1/72 scale, prices range from $34.50 – $39.00.The U-Wing and TIE Striker pack* and Slave I model kits are in 1/144 scale, prices are $32.30 and $48.20 respectively. *The pack comes with a U-Wing Support Craft, TIE Striker, and two Imperial “Occupier” combat assault tanks.#hakubundo #pearlridgecenter #pearlridge #starwars #bandaimodelkits #rogueone #starwarsoriginaltrilogy

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