Hakubundo is a long-established Japanese bookstore loved by local people since 1910. We sell japanese stationery, japanese magazines, books, and character goods. We have recently started carrying Japanese tea and household items. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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Japanese Stationery

“TEPRA” – Label Printer

Label Printer

Office & School Supplies

Japanese pens
Sushi Elasser
Masking Tape
Japanese Stapler

“Origami” – Paper Folding

Designed Origami

Other Japanese Goods

Japanese Handkerchief
Japnaese letters
Japanese small bags

NEW Japanese Green Tea

Japanese green tea can be quite beneficial to one’s health. It consists of catechins, caffeine, y-amino butyric acid, flavonoids, polysaccharide, fluoride, tannin, and vitamins B, C, and E. These components each have their own functions but collectively help in inhibiting cell mutation, preventing high blood pressure and stroke, and fighting cavity and bad breath.

NEW Japanese Knives

Wa-Bocho, or Japanese-style knives, trace their origin to the days of the Samurai warriors. In fact, the same hand-forging methods used to produce Samurai swords are still used today to create these classic kitchen blades, which are among the finest cutlery available in the culinary world. In traditional Japanese cuisine, special emphasis is placed on highlighting a chef’s skill through intricate knife work. To achieve this mastery, Japanese chefs rely on a variety of specialized Wa-Bocho to prepare vegetables, fish, and meat. Today, Japanese knife manufacturers also make Western-style knives to cater to the needs of chefs all over the world. Having a sharp knife is an essential part of cooking because it will affect the integrity of the ingredients.

logo of KIYA
KIYA SHOP Tokyo Midtown
KIYA SHOP Tokyo Midtown
KIYA SHOP Tokyo Midtown

KIYA SHOP Tokyo Midtown

KIYA has experience as a cutlery-specialty shop over 220 years, established in 1792, enables KIYA to apply new materials like COSMIC STEEL products.

That is KIYA’s way. Blending of tradition and high technology supports this policy. Research and development cover not only cutlery products also kichen tools and other new products.

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