Rows and Rows of FUKURO!


🦉Rows and Rows of FUKURO!🦉As shown in our story, we now have the perfect plushies for all you owlcoholics!Pastel colored owls are mochimochi soft, fuzzy owls resemble real species of owls (what a hoot)!Fuzzy owl species include the: snowy owl, ural owl, spectacle owl, little owl, barn owl, Siberian eagle-owl, and brown and grey eagle-owls!$11.30 each, both our Pearlridge and Ward Center locations will carry them by Sunday, 10 June!Don’t be all owlone, get yourself a round silent friend today!#hakubundo #pearlridge #pearlridgecenter #weareward #wardcenter #owls #owlsareactuallyragepackedmarshmallows

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