It is now July!! Which means our new online store is finally here


It is now July!! Which means our new online store is finally here 🥳Here's to a new shopping experience with ! Stop by our new website 😀We redesigned our layout for our online customers! ⁠ A new look with the same good stationery. It will have improved shipping and in-store pick up options!⁠ Our old online store will be gone once we launch the new one.⁠⁠———————–Important info!———————-⁠Our store will feature our most popular items first* when it launches, however, we will be adding more products overtime. Check back every now and then to see our updated selection!⁠⁠All of our current customer accounts will NOT be able to transfer since we're moving to a new online store. But if you order with your phone number on our updated online store, you will be able to view your order history and even join our loyalty program to get rewards!⁠⁠Our shipping fees will be the same!⁠Standard shipping $5⁠Priority Shipping $10⁠Free Standard Shipping $0(for orders $35 & more)Discounted Priority Shipping $5(for orders $35 & more)⁠As a thanks to all of our customers, if you order in the first week after the launch of our new website (July 1st – July 7th), you can get FREE shipping on all orders!⁠⁠Once our new online store website launches, the old website will be deactivated and will redirect you to the new website.⁠⁠#hakubundo #pearlridge #stationeryshop #studywithme #planwithme #kawaiistationery #onlineshopping

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