Happy Washi Wednesday!

Happy Washi Wednesday! Come to both our Ward and Pearlridge locations to pick up some cool Hawai’i washi designs from brands such as Simply Gilded, Ka

Animal clips!

Animal clips! These adorable clips will protect any important papers or your favorite snack! 🦔🥰 #hawaii #hakubundo #stationery #wardvi

It’s Monday pen day!

✍️ It’s Monday pen day! 🥰 Here is our most popular pen, the Sarasa pens - they come in many different colors, sizes and styles.

Thank you for an awesome day!

Thank you for an awesome day! Thank you to everyone who came to the simply gilded meet and greet!! And a huge thank you to Irene for coming to our sto

Picture Booksシンプルな色で描かれた車の絵本です。

Picture Booksシンプルな色で描かれた車の絵本です。カラフルな自動車はそれぞれ違う音を出すのが面白いです。1歳の息子は聞いて真似しやすい音で楽しく絵本の時間を楽しみます。2歳になり少し大きくなってからは、色の名前を言って楽しめるようにもなりました。Simple colors car boo